The Trust, established in the memory of Dr. M. V. Rajagopalan, simply continues the work of Dr MVR who believed that the money he earned was for everyone around him who needed it. He graduated from KMC, Chennai, but worked in many towns in Tamil Nadu. Most of his service was in Devakottai where he was the Medical Officer of the Municipal Ayurvedic Hospital.

He was loved by the rich and the poor and the powerful and the ordinary alike. There was no special treatment to anyone, but every one of his patients was treated as special. Poor patients felt free to walk into his clinic, often receiving some money in addition to medicines.

He was socially active and had a role to play in almost all the events in the town. Serving as the President of the Lions Club and later the Regional Chairperson, he organized several social service programmes in and around Devakottai.

Dr. M. V. Rajagopalan had lost his father when he was young and could finish college with the help of his friends; hence, he always had an urge to help the needy students. His liberal contributions were therefore mostly for the education of the needy students. There is not a school in Devakottai that has not received his donations, about which he never spoke. He is still fondly remembered by the numerous students whom he helped complete school or college education, as well as the family members of his dear friends, whom he considered as his true wealth.