• The Care Home is the resident’s home, and the residents in the Home can receive their family and friends as they did before they became a resident.

  • Residents are requested not to buy food from outside as the Home provides tasty, nutritious food and snacks, with the menu generally decided by the residents.

  • The Home encourages relatives to spend more time with residents, help serve/feed them etc.

  • The Home encourages the local guardians/close relatives to actively involve in the personal care/medical care, for instance by staying with the resident when he/she is ill, and by arranging/accompanying the resident for visits to the doctor(s).

  • To have lunch/dinner with visitors, the resident must give prior intimation regarding the time of visit and the number of visitors to the Home Manager. Any additional charge will have to be borne by the resident/visitor.

  • To ensure continuous contact of the resident with family and others, visitors are allowed on all days. However, visitors are requested to avoid the times when senior citizens are likely to be less comfortable receiving visitors, such as in the morning when residents would be busy with personal activities or in the afternoons when they would be resting.

  • Visitors are requested not to bring junk food/soft drinks and are encouraged to bring traditional snacks/fruits/juices, home-made food etc.

  • The Home reserves with it every right to dismiss resident(s)/guest(s)/visitor(s) who indulge(s) in serious acts of indiscipline, misbehaviour and/or any other act(s) that disturb the peaceful and pleasant atmosphere or affect the other residents of the Home.

  • Residents/guests/visitors are requested not to directly instruct the staff and to avoid disputes with other residents, and to politely convey any suggestions/concerns/complaints to the Home manager/the Trust panel.